Turning your ideas into .com

Who We Are

Type 1 Digital is a small agency of web development professionals who are committed to partnering with good people of all businesses to turn their ideas into .com. We hold our customers to the highest standards because we want more than to simply make websites, we want to make our clients truly happy with a digital space where they can showcase their talents. Everyone has a story to tell, Type 1 Digital wants to make sure it's told right.

What We Do

We’re focused on honing our crafts to bring everything we have to the table for our clients. We create functional websites focused on converting your visitors into customers. That said, we operate on complete transparency to ensure you have a website that's built to grow as your business does. Type 1 Digital remains flexible in working with your budget to give you the biggest bang-for-your-buck to provide a website you can be proud to show off as a specialist in your industry.

Why We Do It

Every member of Type 1 Digital loves what they do and we feel that passion shows in the quality of our work. Committing to help each of our clients who also love what they do makes for a fun, wonderful partnership for everyone involved. Type 1 Digital sees every client as an individual with their own unique look, feel, and message to spread... that's what makes every brand we work with so special, and we pride ourselves on being able to craft your story from front-to-back to bring you a website you can proudly show the world.

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