The foundation on which your website is built is the backbone behind everything your visitors see and interact with. Take your user's experience to the next level and show off a website they can't help but click through.

Website Development

A well-structured website showcases you as a business in the digital world. But more than sharp graphics, smooth animations, and responsive pages on every device from desktop to mobile phone, it needs to make YOUR workflow easier behind the scenes. Type 1 Digital doesn't just slap pages together and send you on your way. Instead, we create a user-friendly structure while holding our development process to the highest standards to ensure you love the finished product as much as we do.

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Expressing your core values is one of the biggest driving forces behind your website. You aren't just providing visitors with information about what you do, you're telling why you're passionate about doing it.

Content Writing

The history of how your company grew to what it is today shouldn't put your visitors to sleep. At Type 1 Digital, we're all about creating addictive copy and throwing "spice" into your story so your audience is hooked on what you have to say. Your words should entice your visitors and keep them wanting to stay updated on everything you do in your industry. From catchy headlines to compelling blog articles, we make sure every word seen is a word worth reading.

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Dotting i's and crossing t's is crucial for visitors and search engines alike. Applying accessibility and implementing keyword strategies ensures you provide a clear and concise objective for your brand.

Onsite Optimization

Everything on a website effects visitor experience and brand discovery. Images that aren't optimized cause poor performance and impatient visitors , often resulting in them leaving your site. Additionally, a site without proper keyword strategy leaves you behind in search engine rankings without users ever knowing you exist. Type 1 Digital takes great care in optimization every step of the way so your site performs at its' best and search engines make you more accessible to the public.

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