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Thinking "faster is better" isn't a bad thing, especially when it applies to your website. Today, where instant gratification reigns, we have endless amounts of graphical and written content at our fingertips...with instant access to all of it. At times, it even feels like our devices know what we want before we press a link for more information. This doesn't only factor into simple checks like image sizes and animations, but the use of relevant keywords as well.

So if you want your visitors' interest piqued and attention held, you need to make sure you have a website that's well-structured and optimized for efficiency.

How Is Your Website Optimized?

When searching for a particular topic, you don't often pay attention to the details behind the "keyword" your mind holds in place while scrolling through search results. Because our short-term thinking is objective driven, all you really notice is that particular phrase or topic grabs your attention when scanning pages of content, causing you to investigate further. Clicking a link or seeing that keyword jump out at you in a paragraph doesn't just satisfy your curiosity, it gives a sense of accomplishment and reward.

In simplest terms:

Effective marketing requires you to tell customers you have what they want, point them in the right direction, and provide them with value.

Just as a search engines seemingly know what you want before you tell them, and provide you with relevant results (and then some), your business needs to follow suit in appealing to your target audience. While knowing your industry certainly helps in shaping how you are able to satisfy the needs of your customers, implementing the right terms and keywords across your site creates a definitive path for them to follow. Your website is more than a simple representation of what you offer, it's a funnel that should be optimized to give your visitors EXACTLY what they want.

Why Choose Type 1 Digital?

We're passionate about striking a balance between quiet minimalism and loudly energetic in our approaching optimization. Whether sleek and simple or blatantly colorful, every machine built needs to be well-oiled and operate full-force. Type 1 Digital operates on more than tossing images onto pages and blindly inserting keywords to "complete" a website.

Being able to appeal to customers with quick-loading graphics and animations brings visual appeal, but consistently providing useful information and value determines how successful your online business is. Whether by search engine results or directly searching for your website, you need to resoundingly tell your visitors "Yes, THIS is what you've been looking for."

We're not just here to make another website to upload to our portfolio. However, we ARE here to improve your traffic, grow your customer base, and highlight all aspects of what your company sets out to accomplish, not just the important parts.

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