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Long-gone are the times when a company's name and reputation was spread with business cards and word-of-mouth alone. Nowadays, the digital space is the modern classifieds section where apps, QR codes, social media, and websites are the driving force behind proving that you exist with a service to offer. Ask yourself; when a business owner or employee mentions their company name, does your mind not put a ".com" at the end of it?

The short and sweet of it is if you want to grow your business, its value, and customer base, you need a well-developed website.

How Important Is Your Website?

It's a rare, and rather odd, occurrence for a business to NOT have some sort of online presence. While some are more "pretty" looking and polished than others, there's no question that owning a digital space with your brand's name on it is an important part of staying relevant in your market. But how much emphasis should you place on having a website, and how important is it for helping your business thrive?

Think of it like this:

Having a website is better than not having one at all, but having a GREAT website is better than having one just for the sake of doing so.

While it's true you can get away with a "bare-bones" website offering nothing more than a logo and some back story, put yourself in your customer's shoes: What do they want to see? What would entice them to want to use your services? You see, your site isn't just a placeholder left to collect dust in the dark corner of the web. Your site is an extension of your company's identity that should proudly display your raison d'ĂȘtre, and needs to represent your core values in the best way possible.

Why Choose Type 1 Digital?

Our passion is creating stunning websites with our customers placed at the heart of what we do. While it's true we want your business, Type 1 Digital operates on so much more than cookie-cutter designs with varying color schemes. We constantly strive to give our clients the best functioning websites because we genuinely care about your end result.

The process of getting your website from concept to completion can feel overwhelming, which is why we're with you every step of the way. Type 1 Digital thrives on helping businesses become and stay relevant in the digital space. Each project requires tailored planning and careful execution, while paying attention to the small details that make you stand out among the rest.

We're not here to bore you with code-jargon and nerdy terms (unless you're into it as much as we are). However, we ARE here to tell you that we don't cut corners on any project. Through full transparency and complete honesty our goal is to develop your website with the same level of care, inspiration, and innovation we place in our own brand.

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